Hello, My Name is Suz

And I am a recovering blog slacker.

I know you’ll forgive me, right? If you’re still reading. Or hoping to read, since there’s been nothing to read in a shamefully long time.

The truth is, there are a thousand things that tug at my sleeve every time I sit down [which isn’t often]. Laundry, babies, laundry [I swear our laundry breeeeeeeds], babies. I’m trying to remember if I’ve done anything else in the last month. Hm. It’s all foggy.

Luckily I have some pictures so the last four weeks are not gone from memory forever.

It’s still hard to believe we’re a family of four [+dog] but look! We have the stockings to prove it.

MB understood more about Santa this year, but all she wanted every time we asked was GREEN BOOKS! So Santa brought her a lot of books [in all colors] and a few other things. Both sets of grandparents gave her some sort of Radio Flyer riding toy, which hopefully will give us a good activity without venturing too far from the house. Mary Bullock is a girl who needs activities. Yesterday we had no activity because we were waiting on the cable repairman, which resulted in her walking across the street to our neighbor’s house, plopping herself down under a tree, and smearing dirt all over her new tights. [Caroline– if you’re reading— I’m sorry. I hope you at least laughed at us.]

Do you know Olivia? She’s good at wearing people out. But her mama loves her anyway. We can definitely relate to this lately.

Lee IV has officially joined the waking world! For a while I thought he would sleep until he was 18.

But of course, an awake baby is a little more difficult to care for than a sleeping baby, so life has been even a little more hectic this week. But we’re surviving, with lots of help from our friends.

I promise that soon I will feel more like a normal person and can tell you more about my latest Birthday Things! Right now there is a squirmy two year old on my lap who is asking if she can eat her own poop.

Clearly, this needs addressing ASAP.


4 thoughts on “Hello, My Name is Suz

  1. Suz- the pictures are wonderful and your little Mary-Lou-Who looks very very much like you. (yes, I realize I rhyme like the famous Dr.)Hope you had a happy holiday season….enjoy the chaos while you have it, time seems to fly by these days:)

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