It Takes A Support Group

I don’t know what the saying is about it taking a village to raise a child. I need a full on support group.



Holy cow this is hard. Thankfully I have amazing friends and an industrious husband, thanks to whom I have done very little cooking in the last three weeks. Except candy. I did make some candy. But it was easy, and necessary.

My new necessities
Jeans that don’t make me angry.

And even still my brow is furrowed a lot. Lee told me last night that he’s afraid he’ll come home from work one night and I’ll be launching an attack on Cindy Lou Who.

He prescribed me the Christmas Pandora station today to pull me out of my stress-induced Grinchitude, but I had to turn it off because the noise was making me edgy. Isn’t that terrible?

But enough complaining–this is Birthday Things* dangit!
So here you go:

Mary Bullock’s new Birthday Thing: taking pictures with Baby Bruwa.

She sits down next to him and says, Mama take pictua?
And since they were both in their Christmas PJs, I obliged. Which turned into MB wanting high pives.

And this is how we wrapped up the fun:

And this about sums it up. Mary Bullock strokes his cheek and says, It’s ok, honey! It’s ok, honey! It’s ok, honey! 
Someday he will laugh at this, right?
Poor little man.


4 thoughts on “It Takes A Support Group

  1. if i could send you ONE thing for Christmas it would be jeans that would not make you angry. I recall this all too well.Your little ones are too cute…take a deep breath and stare at them for a little bit, amidst the chaos, and smile. God is good. God is good. God is to you.

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