It Takes A Support Group

I don’t know what the saying is about it taking a village to raise a child. I need a full on support group.



Holy cow this is hard. Thankfully I have amazing friends and an industrious husband, thanks to whom I have done very little cooking in the last three weeks. Except candy. I did make some candy. But it was easy, and necessary.

My new necessities
Jeans that don’t make me angry.

And even still my brow is furrowed a lot. Lee told me last night that he’s afraid he’ll come home from work one night and I’ll be launching an attack on Cindy Lou Who.

He prescribed me the Christmas Pandora station today to pull me out of my stress-induced Grinchitude, but I had to turn it off because the noise was making me edgy. Isn’t that terrible?

But enough complaining–this is Birthday Things* dangit!
So here you go:

Mary Bullock’s new Birthday Thing: taking pictures with Baby Bruwa.

She sits down next to him and says, Mama take pictua?
And since they were both in their Christmas PJs, I obliged. Which turned into MB wanting high pives.

And this is how we wrapped up the fun:

And this about sums it up. Mary Bullock strokes his cheek and says, It’s ok, honey! It’s ok, honey! It’s ok, honey! 
Someday he will laugh at this, right?
Poor little man.


Week in Pictures

If I’ve learned nothing else in the last week, it’s that I can only get done what I can get done. And the rest, well, it wasn’t that important anyway. So there has been a lot of laundry piling up and a lot of blogging left undone. But I am filling up those hours with baby snuggling. I know you’ll forgive me this small indulgence.

And now, I will resume my baby snuggling.

Thanks for Small Miracles

I may or may not have time to finish this post before my sleeping babies awaken with demands, but I’m going to start it and see how far I can get. Deal?

[Mary Bullock loves a deal.]

So– as you can imagine, things have been pretty hectic. I’m not even going to pretend that managing two babies has been easy. And I know [OH! how I know] it’s going to get much harder before it gets easier. But for all of the chaos, there have been a few small miracles.

1. Mary Bullock has slept in her big girl bed without incident for naps and bedtime every day since the baby was born. I don’t know what kind of peace has come over her about this transition, but I can only assume that my prayers [and there were many, many, many] were answered.

2. I am getting more sleep now than I did in the last three months of pregnancy. I actually feel rested. Not always calm–that would be a total lie. But rested enough to get through the day.

3. Lee IV is a great eater, great sleeper, quiet crier, and patient waiter. Some day soon he might wake up a little more and realize he can be more demand-y [I mean, he IS a baby], but he is making this first week so much easier on his mama.

4. Lee III has declared that he will not stop loving me at least until Lee IV’s first birthday. So when the baby wakes up and gets demand-y, and MB decides POOP TO THIS BIG GIRL BED BUSINESS, and I am getting a half hour of sleep per night, I have a little leeway on my bad moods. Up until [and including? I’ll have to clarify the contract] December 1, 2011.

5. And thank you to all of you who are small miracles in my life, too. You know who you are, and you have probably seen me cry and still loved me. Motherhood is not a task to be survived alone.

And another miracle– the babies are still sleeping! #1 on my nap time to-do list: Make another to-do list.


Welcome to the world

Baby Lee
6lbs, 4oz. 20.5in.

Well, we didn’t make it to December 10th, but God has perfect plans even when I don’t always agree with them in advance.

Baby Lee made his entrance yesterday at 3:18pm after a labor that I’ve been warned not to tell about lest harder laboring mothers poke my eyes out.

He is beautiful and sleepy [don’t you just love them that way?] and easy as pie. I’m not holding my breath that he’ll stay that way– after all, he is related to Hurricane Mary Bullock, but I’ll take these precious quiet days and remember them for a few months from now when I haven’t showered in several days and there’s nothing in the fridge for dinner.

Love to you all.
Suz & Lee