Before I forget

My brain is turning to mush. Whether it’s lack of sleep or late pregnancy preoccupation or whatever–it’s happening.

And my brain wasn’t so firm to begin with, you know? I’m struggling.

So I want to write some things down before they drift off into space never to be retrieved.

Remember when I went to Chicago in September?
Mary Bullock does, too. So now whenever we ask where she is going [like when she has her purse around her neck and is strolling her baby doll into the laundry room], she says ‘Cago.
Ooooh, that’s a long way, I say. I’ll miss you.
Miss you, tooooo, Mama!

or we hear this a lot:
Yes! Do you hear the choo choo train?
Choo choo train go bye bye, Mama. 
Well where in the world do you think it’s going?

Mary Bullock has just realized that the moon is up even during the day. Whenever we are outside, she asks Moon go? Which loosely translates to Where did the moon go? So then we have to spend a few minutes looking upwards to find it in the sky.
The other night in the bathtub we were discussing this SUPER THRILLING subject, and how when the sun goes down it gets dark outside.
Whycuz? she asks.
I don’t know, I say. [Not because I don’t understand that the sun makes light, of course, but because we’ve already had this same discussion several times that day. And the day before. And the day before.]
She thinks a minute.
Know why? she says.
Why? I ask.
Don’t know either, she says.

Last night while we were putting her night-nights [pajamas] on, she thrust her round bare belly at my face.
Zuhbuht, Mama. [That’s zerbert to the rest of us.]
Zerbert? How many do you want? One or two?
TWO, she says. She holds up two and half fingers. She has trouble getting that third finger to lay down.
I give her two big zerberts on her belly while she squeals.
How many do I have left? I ask.
TWO, she says. She gets her math skills from me, apparently.
But I give her two more zerberts, because what she doesn’t know won’t hurt her, right?
Thas enough, Mama, she says.

My girl is such a delightful mess.


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