Playdate, by MB

This is my friend Mattie.

We have been friends since we were little. See?

But now we’re big. And we can do lots of things.


make a big pile of blankets on the kitchen floor. That was super fun.

And we can also

draw. We like to trace our hands because tracing our hands is also super fun.

And we draw princesses!!!! Yeah!!!!!  My mommy says our princesses look like hands.
But I don’t see what she means.

We clean up all our toys and hug bye bye because now we are big.
I love my friend Mattie. 

The End.


4 thoughts on “Playdate, by MB

  1. This post makes me feel like maybe we are not encouraging Ben to work with crayons often enough. But I guess I assume that he isn't interested in sitting still.

  2. MB doesn't sit still for all that long, either. Unless I take out the stamp pad. She could make fingerprints for hours, I think. And I'm sure you're doing JUST FINE with Ben!

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