Life was good today

If you haven’t talked to me in person lately, you might not know that the last few weeks I have lived with a very clear and present danger of head explosion.

If you have seen me in person, I’m sure you know exactly what I’m talking about, because I probably mentioned it at least once, and the stress in my voice probably freaked you out, and you probably told me that it doesn’t really matter because the baby won’t know the difference if his room isn’t ready.

And in theory I can see your point. Really, I can. I think I’ve actually said those exact words to worried pregnant women before.

But it doesn’t stop the dark cloud of worry from following me around. My eyebrows are in serious peril of being permanently knit together from all the furrowing I’ve been doing. Especially since the countdown is now at less than 4 weeks.

But today I was able to put aside some of my worry, if only for today.

Doughnuts for breakfast helped. But doughnuts help lots of things, I think.

I feel compelled to assure you that we do not eat doughnuts on a regular basis. But they are more fun to eat than eggs.

Then Lee set to work on the furniture for the nursery– the never ending project. We finally moved indoors away from the tornado of dog hair outside on the deck.

Of course, that means our dining room is Lee’s new workshop. But it’s a small price to pay if it means that this project will soon be coming to an end.

While Lee worked, Mary Bullock and I sorted baby clothes to take inventory of what we still need. Answer: absolutely nothing. Baby boy may or may not have a place to sleep, but he will be definitely be well clothed, wherever he lands.

We took a break from our sorting to have some popcorn and watch Daddy work.

Buck Buck likes popcorn. She even likes the uncooked kernels [girl after my own heart]. Thankfully, she also likes to share.

We rounded out the day at a birthday gathering for MB’s friend Claire.

She totally has a future in percussion. I think she gets her rhythm from me.
[Ok, now Lee’s head is exploding. Isn’t that great symmetry?]

And then we were sent home with extra cake.
Greatest day I’ve had in months.
The End.


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