Weekend Recap

So, whatever powers that be who concluded that Halloween and the World’s Largest Cocktail Party [i.e. the Florida-Georgia football game] should be so close together– I’m not sure if I love you or hate you. Those two events made for one busy [but fun] weekend at Wedekind Haus.

First there was the football game–or the tailgate, rather, since I go more for the people watching than the sport

I especially like to people-watch this particular person. He is my favorite

This is my favorite kind of beer pong–the kind where I am the best player. You know, because I don’t  have to drink the nasty contents of those cups. This is one feat of athleticism for which pregnancy has given me a competitive edge. πŸ™‚

Our tailgate was surrounded by Georgia fans, and I must say–they were all really nice. A little crazy, but super nice. I love it when people are a little nuts and a lot nice. So here’s to you Georgia fans!

But thankfully they still lost. πŸ™‚

Then, after too little sleep, we geared up for Trick-or-Treating. Mary Bullock’s costume again centered around a pair of red shoes

and once again I dressed her up in clothes that she’ll wear again. [Except maybe the red plaid shirt. Unless grunge makes an unexpected comeback sometime soon.] Halloween is not my favorite [airquotes] holiday [un-airquotes], but not spending major bucks on a costume makes it bearable for Halloween scrooges such as myself.

MB even managed to wrangle herself a couple of ranch hands…

though one of them [dang it!!] couldn’t wear boots because of lingering pain from a massive leg cramp.

[By the way— I am casting aside nearly all of my vanity by posting this picture just so y’all (ok mostly Julie) can see the bump. So feel free to comment something along the lines of NO, SUZ, YOU ARE NOT AT ALL ENORMOUS or THOSE RUNNING SHOES MAKE YOUR LEGS LOOK TOTALLY SKINNY, or some such other shamelessly false flattery.]

Mary Bullock was surprisingly brave about walking up and saying Trick-or-Treat! Or she was— until she was greeted at one house by a teenager in a huge moose head. I think she might be permanently prejudiced against moose now. [I might be, too…I ended up having to carry her a lot after that.]

Mary Bullock’s friend Mattie was a pretty pretty princess who thoroughly tested her mother’s patience while getting into her costume.  [But just think, Meg– one day soon you’ll have to fight her to get that dress off. Won’t that be so much fun?]

What is it they say about learning to paddle your own canoe? This is the same concept, right? MB’s got it down pat.

A little after dusk MB & friends called it a night. It had taken us close to an hour and half to go a grand total of a half-mile away and Mary Bullock’s ranch hands were dead in their boots-slash-running shoes.

We got back just in time to appreciate Lee’s pumpkin carving handiwork and then collapse on the couch. 

If you’re still reading, you must really need a hobby love us.
Happy Halloween!

[And if you know of any way to make November last until next year, please let me know. I’m not ready to add another pumpkin to our patch just yet. Aaaaahhh!!]


3 thoughts on “Weekend Recap

  1. I love the pictures, and your commentary : ). Glad MB enjoyed Halloween so much! She is really rockin' the red boots. And by the way, you do look TOTALLY TERRIFIC for 8 mos. + pregnant

  2. it's because we love you of course! I love that picture of Mattie you took, it's her fake "Cheese" smile but that about sums up the night — the good parts of it. I'll consider it a blessing if I can ever get Mattie to wear anything but her pajamas in public, whether it's that princess dress or not! πŸ™‚ xox

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