Happy Toot Day

Mary Bullock calls birthdays toot days. I can’t really explain how this confusion has occurred, but she seems pretty confident that we’re all saying it wrong and she is saying it right.  I don’t argue. I think I’ll be kind of sad when she actually starts saying birthday instead.

Her big present was a play kitchen, which I’ve been dying to give her ever since I burst into tears a few months ago watching her pretend to fry an egg with no pan [Give me a break! I’m hormonal!].

So far she is enthralled! I’m hoping she’s somewhat less enthralled when we move it into her bedroom, since I’m hoping she continues to sleep at night, but for right now it’s fun to watch her get busy with her food stuffs.

The cupcakes for her play date turned out well, for my first time making strawberry icing AND my first time using a pipette. Some of them were neater than others. [Perhaps I should have thought to move the messy ones to the back? ;)]

Have I mentioned that we have the best babysitter like ever? Adriana is one of my former students and has been helping us out once a week. When she read about my sugar cookie troubles, she brought over a pipette and instructed me on how to use it.  Then she texted me encouragement and tips on making the icing. I couldn’t have gotten through this job without her. đŸ™‚

We ended MB’s toot day with a play date at the park.  It seemed appropriate since it’s my baby’s favorite place in the whole world.

In the car on the way home, I asked her if she’d had a good birthday.
Uh-huuuhuuuh. Happy toot day, she said.

And then she was two.


4 thoughts on “Happy Toot Day

  1. OMG: best baby sitter ever!! I'm just stoked when mine (not you, Kaylan) actually show up on time, but if she came with baking tips, too… I'm definitely going to get a pipette. Need to keep up with cupcake trends.

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