Pretty Pretty Pumpkins

Today, I am tired.
It’s not a complaint, just a statement of fact. Can feelings be facts? Hm. An internal debate for another day. When I’m not so tired.

Lee is probably going to read this and think: If you’re so tired, why are you blogging and not napping?
I wonder this myself. But have you ever tried to nap with a to-do list the size of your arm?
I prefer to knock out my to-do list and then nap with a clear mind.  Of course, this means that my nap and going to bed tonight might be the same thing.

Yesterday I posted pictures of my favorite pumpkin, but there were all sorts of beautiful pumpkins at our patch this year. It’s a good thing that every available surface in our house is already pumpkined-out, or some of these would have jumped into my car.

Have you ever seen a pink pumpkin?

I would have taken this one home, too, but I think her mama would disapprove of this plan.

Sadly, my love of pumpkins does not stop at admiring their beauty. As if I need any more weight on my hips, I’ve also been baking. So far, pumpkin bread and chocolate chip pumpkin muffins. And this week, I’ll add pumpkin blondies to the list.

I think this is my version of nesting. Since I’m pretty useless in the painting and sewing departments, my sweet husband and mother are taking care of those. I have turned my efforts toward the kitchen. Nevermind that napping would be an entirely more productive activity in these final six weeks. Logic and pregnancy just don’t mix, you know?

And with that– I’m back to the kitchen. If you need sweets, swing on by.

***Blogger has taken leave of its senses today, just FYI. Sorry for the mess.


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