I may be losing my mind…

1. I realized this morning that the expiration date on Mary Bullock’s milk is September 18th, which yesterday I remember thinking was some point in the distant future. Like, next week maybe? And then today it dawned on me that that couldn’t possibly be true. A calendar check verified this. A smell check double verified. Ick. Sorry, baby.

2. I got into the shower this morning with my glasses on. And this was after 1.5 cups of coffee.

There is good news, however.

A. It’s naptime.
B. I DVR’d Glee last night. Oh yes.

Don’t bother me for the next hour. I’m re-programing my brain with teen melodrama in song.


2 thoughts on “I may be losing my mind…

  1. Let it be known: I'm kinda over Glee. GASP! It's true. Too much drama, not enough funny to hold my attention. You know it's a problem when I'd rather be online researching jobs than watching. Yeah, that just happened.

  2. Yeah, I'm starting to wonder how much longer I'm going to really like this show. I'm not sure I can deal with an entire Britney episode. We'll see. There's always Modern Family. That still a good show.

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