When the Cat’s Away…

I admit, I have always secretly wanted to be invited to Guest Post here at BT*, but for some reason I’ve never been asked.  But because Suz is dumb efficient enough to only use ONE PASSWORD for every account she has…

We mice were left all by ourselves this weekend as Suz went to visit the other Five Feet for Jill’s Bachelorette Weekend Extravaganza in Chicago.  Why Chicago?  For one, because Foot Kim is two weeks from her due date, and for two, Chicago is awesome.  Granted, neither of us country mice have ever been to the Big City, but we hear things.  Things like highs in the mid-70s.  And that, for folks around here, is plenty good enough to consider moving up there until, say, around mid-December.  We have beaches to mind.

And speaking of, Pretty and Dadu were gracious enough to invite us to their beach condo for the weekend, so we headed out to PVB for the day.  But not before we saw Day-Day finish FIRST in her age group at the Warrior 5k cruising through the neighborhood this morning  [Congrats Kaylan!].  The only thing MB enjoyed more than seeing the “runn-ahs” (who were everywhere) and the motorcycles (which were loud and everywhere), was the “Football.”  I took pride in teaching her the word last weekend during the Wake Forest-Presbyterian bloodbath, but because this morning’s 5k was sponsored by Football Fanatics, she saw a football-themed mascot up close and personal.  And then stalked it around the race for 20 minutes.  Every time “Football!” would turn around to her screams, Mary Bullock would get a look of panic on her face and run in terror back to me.  I’m hoping that she is someday able to distinguish between football the sport and Football the Creepy Mascot, but if not, I preemptively apologize to the future son-in-law.  I tried.

So after all that, we came home, packed, then headed out to the beach.  The morning was finished by building a sandcastle (complete with moat), then lunch and a nap.  The nap was well-timed, because Wake and Florida both kicked around noon, providing Daddy Mouse with his only chance of the day to actually watch his teams play (Wake won 54-48 over Duke, and Florida finally played a good half, beating USF 38-14).

I know you don’t care, but it just feels good to put it on the record.

Anyway, after being instructed to take dozens of pictures, 5 minutes in the camera said “Card Full,” so I guess somebody still has some learnin’ to do on our new-fangled camera.  Despite no photographic evidence, the afternoon also went well and gave us just enough time to put The Girl down at her regularly scheduled hour, and now this Mouse is shutting down the engines and getting myself back to neutral with a great recommendation from Uncle Derby.

And that was just Saturday.  Tomorrow we’re planning a big trip to the “Yoo” to see lots of Raffes.  I just hope The Cat comes home ready to assume command – this full-time parenting business is for. the. birds.

But blogging I could get used to.


6 thoughts on “When the Cat’s Away…

  1. Jill – Yes, those are my words, but as a matter of courtesy to the blog (because I didn't really ask permission), I tried to use a compatible voice. Hope y'all had fun this weekend!

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