First Day of School

Yes, I know it’s not school-school. It’s play school. And it’s only a half-day three days a week. But when you’re used to being with your baby all day every day [for the most part], it’s still an adjustment. Lee asked me last night what I was most afraid of about sending her. I hadn’t thought about that specifically–about being afraid. But I immediately answered two things: That she’ll talk and her teachers won’t understand her. And that they won’t realize what a special baby she is.

And then I was glad that I had already taken out my contacts because I’ve already over-cried these contacts, and I have to throw them away if they get too salty.

I have been thinking a lot in the last week about my days as a teacher. Of course, I didn’t have a child then. I can say that I loved many of my students. But did I celebrate them enough? Did I notice their special qualities? Even the annoying ones who slept in class and cheated on tests and overall tried my patience?  Because once upon a time each of those kids was also somebody’s baby going to play school. And that mama was probably crying, too.

Maybe their mamas even had accidents in the children’s section at Chamblin like…someone else I know.

It was a bit of literary retail therapy. Couldn’t be helped. What was it Erasmus said? If I have a little money, I buy books. If any is left, I buy food and clothes?

We might be naked and hungry this month. Whoooooops.

But I sure do feel better.  And I only cruised by the school playground once.


9 thoughts on “First Day of School

  1. Actually, Kirby, there IS a sequel called "Are You My Daddy?" but Chamblin didn't have it (that I saw). Somehow that title just doesn't seem as sweet.

  2. How cute is she?!? I showed one of my friends the first picture and she said it belonged in some kind of commercial : ) . So…how did Day 1 go? We need an update!!

  3. I can already imagine that first picture in a Bolles/Episcopal graduation ad. So very, very cute. Your new camera is fantastic! And, might I introduce you to the downtown library? It is awesome, and much kinder on the budget. 🙂

  4. Yes, we are big fans of the library, too, but we needed to beef up our home library! She is thrilled with all of her new books, but any new ones for the next few months will DEFINITELY be from the library. 🙂

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