An MB Primer

You know, for her teachers. Since I can’t be there to explain, you know? That’s two you knows in two sentences. Can you tell I am nervous about all this? [I think my mother and mother-in-law probably think I’m deranged. I spoke to both of them today in the middle of a very squeaky, high pitched, tearful FREAK OUT about actually sending my baby to school.]

A-hem. Where was I?

Oh yes. A primer.

The Basics:
1. My baby is very curious. This translates into her asking “Uh-DAT???” [What’s that?] around forty times an hour. Once you tell her the answer, she may just keep asking. Usually she will stop asking if you say, “It’s a [pterodactyl]. Can you say [pterodactyl]? Or whatever she may be asking about. Just a hint. You know. Because I know you have a lot of baby questions to answer.

2. She answers Ya! or her more formal Yessss to almost everything. Don’t take her word as truth unless you have double checked her diaper for poops.  She is especially sneaky about her diaper contents. She gets this from her father.

Honors MB:
3. Telling my baby no ma’am is just inviting her to sass you. But she is really cute when she sasses, so you might try it some day when you’re feeling low. You know, just for kicks.

4. Good luck changing her diaper. You might want to keep your running shoes handy.

5. Oh yeah, and she darts. You know that cute little rope thing with the circles that you use to get 10 toddlers from place to place? She will toss her little head back and laugh: Not me, suckers!

Advanced Placement MB:
6. Just don’t break her spirit, you know?

It’s my favorite thing about her.


4 thoughts on “An MB Primer

  1. I'm sending Lillith to Kindergarten for the first time tomorrow. All. day. Kindergarten. Say a prayer for *me*….I am not sure I can handle all this *growing up* business.

  2. Good luck today! You know MB will love school and you'll (eventually) appreciate the downtime/peace & quiet!I can't wait to hear about her first day!Love…

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