Part III: Pleasantville

Ok, it wasn’t Pleasantville. It was Staunton, Virginia. But that’s just splitting hairs.

Wish I could say I’d taken these! But no. I’m not that proficient yet.

It was so beautiful, the weather was perfect [at least, it seemed so to someone who’d been sweltering in Florida], and Rachel’s house is–ohmygosh–amazing.  In fact, Lee called me to tell me that our plumbing had exploded right after I left her house, and I almost turned back around and declared myself their new housemate.

Mary Bullock and Riley played their little hearts out for two days. MB, ever the early riser, woke up at 5:30 both mornings saying Wake up, Ri-ee, Wake UP!

This was right before Riley tossed her water bottle into the duck pond and I threw myself on the ground in an attempt to retrieve it. Can you tell that I sometimes forget I’m pregnant?

Riley’s play room is a thing of dreams. If you read Rachel’s blog, you know she made that play kitchen herself out of two old nightstands. She is crazy talented, ya’ll. I don’t think MB would have batted an eyelash if I had left her right there to play for another week. But I’m selfish, and I’d have missed her. I will give her extra hugs and kisses to compensate for my utter lack of creative genius. Hopefully that will be enough?

It was so good to see Rachel and her husband Paul, too. It kind of broke my heart a little to see how much Mary Bullock instantly loved them, and then to think how seldom we get to see each other. I wish we were next door neighbors.

Plus then I could just send MB over to play in Riley’s playroom. Wink!

Thanks for having us, sweet friends!


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