We clicked our heels three times and…

Well, I wish getting home had been that easy, but no. But here we are, nevertheless. I feel like we’ve been gone for a month instead of a week! The whole house feels different.

But maybe that’s the several thousand dollars worth of emergency plumbing that went on while I was gone. It’s hard to smile about disasters of this particular magnitude, but I will say: I took a very nice shower this morning.

So, anyway, we’re back! We had a great trip. Mary Bullock, The Wiggles, and Mary Poppins were ideal traveling companions. We drove 25+ hours in the car all together, and only around an hour of that was unpleasant. Which, for a very active not-quite-two year old, is doing really well.

I can’t fit the whole week into a single post, but there were many Birthday Things to celebrate, so here’s a short pictorial recap [detailed posts to come].

I’m still learning to work the new camera, so excuse my blurries. I also got my very first non-Cabbage Patch sewing machine for my birthday, so I have a lot of studying to do in the next few months before Baby B comes and I temporarily forget how to read.

Happy Monday!


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