Birthday Things

So, since today is my birthday, here is today’s list of Birthday Things. Yes, there is a whole list. I’m very blessed.

1. Mornings when Mary Bullock sleeps later than I do. [Like this morning! It’s a Birthday MIRACLE!]
2. Mornings when Lee changes her first diaper, which is usually the worst of the day.
3. Free kisses from both of my Bubbas. I didn’t even have to beg or use the boo boo on the lips trick!
4. Hearing my baby sing Hap-ba du du! Hap-ba du du! at the breakfast table, while dancing a little chair dance.

5. Special birthday breakfasts from the best husband ever.

6. An awesome new camera with which to document such a special breakfast. And the instruction manuals that I will be reading for the next 1,000 years.
7. The best sister to have shared the last 32 years with.
8. This girl

I would say that I love her more on mornings when I don’t end up calling Poison Control, but the truth is, I love her just the same. And it makes me appreciate peaceful mornings even more.
9. Homemade tabbouleh by my sister-in-law. Forget Whiteway, Jacksonville people. This was a-mazing.
10. All of you. Thanks for the phone calls, emails, texts, and fb messages. If I don’t get to talk to you today, you can just imagine me prying some insanely dangerous object out of Mary Bullock’s hot little hands, and know I’ll get back to you soon.

Happy Day, Friends!


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