The perfect diaper bag?

After my last diaper bag post, my sister, total buzzkill that she is, pointed out that any diaper bag without a cross-body strap was just asking for frustration.

Much as I hated to admit it, she is right. At least, she is right for people like us who have very little patience for clunky diaper bags falling off of our shoulders with a baby in tow.

And so, I present for your opinions what may be the perfect solution.

The Timi & Leslie Hannah Bag $154

Comes with a clutch, bottle bag, changing pad, and–AND– an attachable cross-body strap. And–AND–stroller straps.


For the record, I will say that I can’t find it in stock in this particular color. But it does come in bronze.

Which I also love.

So, what do you think? Too flashy for a diaper bag? It IS kind of shiny, especially for a person such as myself who rarely finds herself wearing anything other than jeans and spit-up soaked T-shirts for months postpartum.

But perhaps if I carried a shiny diaper bag, I would be shamed into actually–I don’t know, something crazy–like washing my hair on a daily basis after Baby Boy comes.

Thanks in advance for your help and advice on this terribly important matter.


5 thoughts on “The perfect diaper bag?

  1. I DO like the clutch. I think this could possibly be acceptable AS LONG AS YOU ACTUALLY USE THE strap. But mostly, I want this trend of diaper bag/purses to just go away. WHO ARE WE TRYING TO FOOL? Per your post, we're lucky to get out of the house without vomit somewhere on our hair/clothing. Why add on pressure with a shiny bag we have to dress up just to wear? Get a Skip Hop messenger bag and be done with it already. Sorry to be a buzzkill.

  2. ooo I love that bag though, it is really cute and serviceable. You could wear it with jeans or whatever. spit up would just not be noticed because of the bag!

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