Pretty Sure Lee’s Going to Kill Me…

But I’ve been diaper bag shopping.

Wait. Don’t I already have one child, and therefore at least one [let’s just round it down to three, shall we?] diaper bag?

Well, technically yes. However, since I’m now going to have two children, my diaper bag needs have changed. Now I need something precise. Lots of specialized pockets, easily wipe-able…yeah. Totally different than the ones I already have.

Skip*Hop Studio Tote Diaper Bag, $89

DwellStudio Dots Diaper Bag, $160

Burberry Diaper Tote Bag, $895

[Dear Molly,
Totally kidding on that last one. DO NOT NEED THIS FOR MY BIRTHDAY AUGUST 5.
Love, Suz]


10 thoughts on “Pretty Sure Lee’s Going to Kill Me…

  1. Actually, I REALLY want #1. It's cuter in person. I just included that last one so Lee would think #1 was totally reasonable by comparison. WHICH IT TOTALLY IS. But if #3 had elbow patches, all of that reasoning would be out the window. Along with our mortgage payment. 😉

  2. #1 is totally cute. Yeah, I decided that a new, cuter, more organized diaper bag was in order when baby #2 came along. Well, it sounded like a good excuse anyway! But, now my diaper bag also serves as my purse 95% of the time so you have to match your outfit, you know?

  3. Actually I find that it's also nice to switch diaper bags when one becomes a sticky, crushed up cheerio MESS and I can't take it a minute longer. So you can really never have too many. 🙂

  4. Ok, listen to me really carefully. You might not like what I am going to say but you need to just heed my advice anyway. You're going to need to get a messenger style diaper bag. No, they do not double as fancy purses, but I gaurantee you, when you have the little one in your arms and Mary Bullock is darting away from you in the parking lot, you're going to be glad that you don't have to worry about keeping your cutesy diaperbag/purse on your shoulder. The double shoulder strap thing is a pain in the NECK, even with just one baby. I'm really surprised you're even considering any of these bags right now. (Although full disclosure, I did look really hard at that Skip Hop bag and it was my #1 choice until I found my Pottery Barn Kids bag, which I now hate as well.)

  5. UGGGGHHHHH Why do you have to go and inject logic into my bag purchases????? My Moop is messenger style, can't I use that for when I need my shoulders free? Must ALL of my diaper bags be utilitarian?

  6. YES. You are going to be the mother of TWO kids. You might as well give up trying to look cool. Next post is Lee's Going to Kill me: Minivan Edition.

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