Backyard Again

Today Mary Bullock and I spent some more time in the back yard, which meant lots of time with the water hose. I haven’t actually put on a bathing suit and plopped myself down in the baby pool yet, but it’s coming. I stuck my feet in several times, and it was heavenly compared to the sweltering 90+ degrees we’re experiencing.

When I wasn’t sticking my feet in the pool, I was re-introducing myself to Fla*Vor*Ice, which I probably haven’t had since I was 10. Ahhhhh. Mary Bullock doesn’t seem very interested in them yet, but that only means more for me.

Mary Bullock went down the slide by herself today, which is a big step. She’s going to be such a big girl by the end of summer. Maybe by then I can move the slide over to land in the baby pool and watch the havoc that ensues.

Want to come over and play?


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