Hanging on by a thread

[Can you believe this is my 15 month old nephew Bennie holding on to that rim all by himself?]

I apologize for my disappearance this week. Life has been hectic as I try to dig myself out of a major laundry deficit. And by major I mean, a few weeks ago I didn’t do laundry for…a few weeks. And I’m just now catching up. Truth be told, the most time consuming part is all the whining and moaning that is required before actually doing any laundry. What can I say? Life is hard.

I am in need of a major vacation, which is convenient since we are going on one next week! Our first vacation since Mary Bullock! We could not be more excited. It’s supposed to rain at least part of the week, and I don’t even care as long as we are not here. I’ve got books that need reading, naps that need taking, bubbas that need snuzzling, and chairs that need rocking.

Don’t call me*. Don’t write. Don’t check the blog. Go about your merry ways and wish me rest and renewal. After all, there will be another ten loads of laundry to tackle when I get back, and perhaps then I can tackle it with a smile.

*Unless you are Jen or Rachel. And ok you can email me. But don’t expect a snappy response. Unless it’s an emergency. In which case, you** should probably call someone else. 

**Unless you are Jen, since apparently I’m the only emergency number on her contacts list.

Have a great weekend/week/next weekend!


3 thoughts on “Hanging on by a thread

  1. Finally! An update. Good luck on your laundry and vacation preparations. So jealous of your trip. Hope it's nice and relaxing. Hopefully I will not have any emergencies for which to call you! But if you get bored in that rocking chair, I'll be here! Love you!!

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