For the MB stalkers

You know who you are.

Let’s see. What have we been up to lately?

Hanging out on the couch in our pjs.


Trying out pigtails.

Play dates. 
You know, the usual.
I hope you get to hang out with a snack on your couch in your pjs with your hair in pigtails someday soon, too. We highly recommend.

12 thoughts on “For the MB stalkers

  1. As a shameless MB stalker, I VERY MUCH appreciate the update. I figure it's ok for me to stalk Moon Beam because, YA KNOW, we're besties. I think it's something about our comparable sizes… 😉

  2. I think those pigtails are the cutest things I've ever seen ever. I need to a new photo for my cube! (It's ok that I stalk MB b/c she stalks me too from her perch by my desk.)Also, that first picture reminds me of my 5th grade school photo. You know, the one with the side ponytail.

  3. @Molly- MB is totally gaining on you, too. She's 80th percentile for height! Watch out!@Jen- I know exactly what picture you're talking about. Definitely a Boone face.

  4. I will fight you Molly for the privilege of being MB's bestie. I think I have a one-up on you because we could be twins. If I were a baby. With blue eyes.

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