Whip It Good

Laura, you would be so proud: I whipped my own cream yesterday. In fact, I was pretty proud of myself, so if you’re underwhelmed, that’s ok.

[This isn’t mine–I forgot to take a picture. But I swear it looked like this. Maybe not quite as prettily styled.]

Lee and I were in the grocery store getting supplies for dessert on Sunday, and one of the items we needed was Cool Whip. Simple enough. Except that Lee has been reading The Omnivore’s Dilemma

and couldn’t help pointing out that Cool Whip is basically chemically contrived. It contains no milk or cream at all, and water is its most natural ingredient. Ick.

So, the only thing left to do was put on my big girl britches and whip some freaking cream, you know? On the upside, I got a nice arm workout with that whisk.

Just don’t make me look at the ingredients in my Jalepeno chips. For the love of God. Don’t make me do it.


8 thoughts on “Whip It Good

  1. You mentioned that your arm got a workout. Are you saying that you actually did it with a hand whisk and not an electric one? B/c then I am really super impressed! That book is on my very long "to read" list. I watched Food Inc. about a month ago and ever since I've been pretty grossed out by a lot of the food in our house. I'm slowly but surely switching everything over to organic and eating stuff as close to the way God made it as possible. Cool Whip is one more thing I'll have to get rid of b/c I'm officially grossed out by that now as well. 🙂

  2. I DID do it with a whisk. It didn't occur to me to do it with the mixer until I'd already chilled my whisk. 🙂 That's what ignorance will get you, I guess: gummy arms.

  3. Suzanne, i am a recent student of "what the hell ARE we putting in our mouths?" –not only do you need to get rid of the "chicken" nuggets, but Goldfish too. neither are actually food. good for you for making your own sweet condiment. Food Inc is wonderful, also recommend Animal Factory, and the supermarket version of Eat This, Not That will knock your socks off. KM

  4. I wonder who anonymous is?? Congratulations on the whisking!!!! That book is very seriously disturbing. I have adopted some of his philosophy on eating sensibly, but the hardest thing to source is the meat. I whisk my own cream by hand most of the time, unless I have my mixer out for something else. Calories in calories out!!!

  5. I read that book too – and changed my eating habits for a about two weeks…then went right back to my old ways.The same thing happened after we all read that Barbara Kingsolver book. I was all into it for two weeks or so :)I'm so stuck in my old ways!!!

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