Almost Famous

One of these days, I’m going to reach Nemo status. But today is not that day.

Let me explain.
There is a picture a lot like this one on the front of Mary Bullock’s wipes box.

Out of all of these fish, Mary Bullock never fails to point out Nemo. And we’ve only watched about ten minutes of that movie, maybe twice, and several months ago. But still, she is never confused on this point.

Ask her to point out in a picture who is Mommy and who is Daddy, though, and she’s just as likely to point to the dog as to point to one of us. Just when we think SHE’S GOT IT SHE’S GOT IT, she points to me in a picture and says DAD-DY! Thanks. I thought I shaved my face this morning.

Today she brought this book over to me pointing at the man on the cover.
DAD-DY!! She says.

I actually think he might be flattered, not unlike the time my friend Leigh’s little girl said I looked like Jennifer Aniston. [Who am I to correct such an observation?]

So then, I just had to ask: Mary Bullock, which one is Mommy?

I’m the exotic one in the back, if you wondered.  I didn’t like the look on that redhead’s face anyways.


7 thoughts on “Almost Famous

  1. And just like that you admitted publicly that you own that book.Reminds me of the Modern Family when Cam's daughter keeps calling the pediatrician mom.

  2. I would also like to point out (for Laura) that this book is LEE'S, NOT MINE. Apparently it's about old Florida or some such. Recommended by Kate. Who else can I throw under the bus here??

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