I Need a Cupcake

[Sorry. That title was completely irrelevant. But I really do want a cupcake. Anyone want to meet me at Sivada’s after MB’s nap?]

I just spent the last hour re-organizing my picture files. To call them a mess would be a gross understatement. In my kitchen photo file, for instance, I found pictures of A) Jude Law B) Taylor Lautner C) my girlfriends at He’s Not Here.

As much as I would like to have Jude Law and Taylor Lautner and even my girlfriends in my kitchen for a while, those are not quite what I was looking for.

Ah. Here we go.

We are starting to meet with builders to start bidding out our remodel project [so cross your fingers that we’ll actually be able to pay for this]. The first one, today, asked a lot of questions for which I had no answers. But I’m working on it! I plan to gather pictures of things that I like and then dump it all in Rachel’s lap and ask her what it means. I don’t think she’ll mind.


4 thoughts on “I Need a Cupcake

  1. Is Sivada's the name that Alex decided on or is this a different place? I was just raving about those cupcakes to someone this week. I had a great cupcake a few weeks ago from Georgetown Cupcake–it had a toasted marshmellow on top. You should ssk him to see what he can whip up. That was the only cupcake I've ever had that can even come close to his. Anyway, cute kitchen pics!!

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