Bath Night

Last week, and for many weeks prior to that, MB and I had a game that we played on Bath Nights. I would hoist her out of her high chair after dinner and say: MB! It’s BATH NIGHT! And then I’d say: WOO! WOO! like a train, and if I’m telling the truth, I might have pulled an “air” horn while I said it. This made her laugh, which was better than crying, which was what she had been doing for a while on Bath Nights.

Then, I’d herd her into the bathroom to start the tub, then herd her into the nursery to take her clothes off. Once she was down to her diaper, though, the chase began. Her little bare feet would hit the floor in the special way that bare feet do, and she’d be off. Into our bedroom and behind the bed she would run, giggling and giggling, until she had nowhere else to go. Then she’d dodge me and run back to the nursery and climb up in her chair. Finally, only because I was chasing her, she’d run into the bathroom. But when I got her diaper off, she’d invariably try to do the Naked Baby Escape by darting through my legs. Eventually, I’d wrangle her into the tub.

But last night, another Bath Night, she ran right into her nursery after dinner and once unclothed, ran right into the bathroom and tried to climb in by herself.

Lee wonders why this makes me cry.


6 thoughts on “Bath Night

  1. I wonder why it makes you cry, too. Hello hormones! Anyway, what is going on with MB's hair? It looks like it's going the way of the Wedekind. Which is great 'cause you know I love some curly hair.

  2. Cutest post EVER. Except it should be called Naked Baby Escape. Love that phrase!A kid I nannied for in college used to pull this all the time. And he was QUICK. Invariably, it would end with him somehow making it into the living room where he would dash back and forth in front of their big, huge picture window. Yes, we put on a great show for the neighbors.Thankgawd his parents were understanding people.Kelly

  3. Jen- you wait till Bennie starts growing out of the cute things he did. đŸ˜¦ Kelly-I'm sure our neighbors would get a GREAT show if they cared to peep in our windows! Good thing they don't (I don't think)!

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