A Blog about Blogging: Let’s Discuss

Did anyone catch House last night?

Our household is obsessed with this show.  Ok, Mary Bullock doesn’t care because she is always asleep. But I know when she gets older, she will love it. Good thing we have seasons 1-4 on DVD just waiting for the day when she understands sarcasm.

Last night, the patient happened to be a blogger. Now, if you watch this show, or any kind of mystery drama, you know that the first, oh…four? five? diagnoses are bound to be wrong. In the end, it wasn’t the many and sordid details she put in the blog that led to the answer, but the one detail she left out.

Anyway, some very interesting ideas about connection, community and intimacy were thrown out for chewing on.

When I first jumped into blogland last summer, I didn’t really understand that dimension of blogging at all. What I really wanted was something to do with my brain. Motherhood, while many times physically and emotionally taxing, is not rocket science, after all. I also wanted to write, which has always been cathartic for me. Lastly, but most importantly, I wanted to do something that made me feel the opposite of how reading the vitriolic Rants & Raves section of the newspaper made me feel. And Voila! Birthday Things was hatched.

Not that what I’m doing here is rocket science. I consider deleting everything about once a week. I could keep my own private list of things that I love. I could use my time putting together albums of baby pictures instead. But I like sharing it with you, even if you never comment.  [However, if I ever need a heart valve replaced as in House and write a blog about it, there will not be a group vote on the type of treatment I will receive. I don’t like you that much.]

More than that, the other blogs that I read have inspired me in a few different areas of my life. There’s nothing like reading NieNie to make me quit my whining and start looking for something to love about my life, you know? Because in the grand scheme, having a cold [even your fourth cold in three months] just ain’t that bad.

I certainly get a different perspective than I would otherwise, bopping along here in my own little corner of the universe. 

And if you read this far, you deserve a picture.

[Mary Bullock has decided to move her diaper reorganization operation from the nursery closet to the living room floor. She hopes this is no inconvenience to anyone trying to walk around here.]

That’s all of my rambling for today. Feel free to add your two cents.


3 thoughts on “A Blog about Blogging: Let’s Discuss

  1. I couldn't agree more with everything you said. Except about House. Because that doctor guy gives me the heebie jeebies.If I ever reproduce the Criminally Cute photos of MB that you keep posting will be guilty of influencing me at least in part, by the way.Kellyp.s. How can you NOT see the monster trucks?! They're EVERYWHERE. Where is this wonderful place you live?! Take me there!

  2. I personally think you should double your efforts and post 2x a day. Preferably late at night (so I can read it with my morning coffee) and then once in the afternoon, when I get bored at work and am looking for my Suz/MB fix. If you knew the sadness that overcomes me when I go to your blog and there's no new post, maybe you could dig a little deeper. đŸ™‚

  3. I hear ya on your reasons for starting a blog. It can definitely keep you focused on the important/ good things in life. Now I MUST go catch up on House!

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