Friday Favorites, on Thursday

I know, I’m late today. Thanks for pointing that out, sweet, patient sister-o-mine.

If it tells you anything about how our day has been, Mary Bullock is back in her crib. This almost never happens in the late afternoon, and when it does, you can bet what came before it wasn’t pretty. So thanks for waiting patiently [or not so patiently].

Anyway, I thought I would rectify my tardiness today by being SUPER EARLY on tomorrow’s post. How’s that?

Favorite new iphone app:

It’s an iphone to iphone text messenger. It costs $.99, but otherwise your texts [to other iphone users] are free. This is especially important since in my 2nd month of iphone use, I way exceeded my limit.  Who knew I texted so much? I didn’t. Thanks for the tip, Leigh!

Favorite blog post of the week: here. And by favorite I mean, in a bittersweet, had tears running down my face, break-my-heart kind of way. Have you been reading Design Mom’s pregnancy series? I have loved them even more than I thought I would. It’s amazing to me what women go through to become mothers. It’s not for the faint of heart, that’s for sure.

Favorite song of the week:

[Excuse those cheese-bo pictures in the background, please.]
Did I tell you I re-joined the gym? Best decision ever. Don’t know why I didn’t do it long ago. Perhaps I would be carrying around less baggage, if you know what I mean. Anyway, I’ve found that I run better while listening to the Natasha Bedingfield Pandora station. I discovered this song this week on the treadmill, and I’ve been meaning to email it to Lee but forgot. So here you go, Bubba. [You and Everyone Else.]

Favorite Etsy Find:

Actually I found this a while ago, then it sold out, and now it’s back! If we didn’t need to tear apart our house this year, I would totally buy it.  But since we do have to do that, and then we actually pay for the tearing apart and subsequent re-doing, you are free to purchase this for yourself. Just don’t tell me. [Or wear it around me.] [Unless you are evil.][so, if I see you wearing this, I will just assume you are evil, and I won’t need to actually say we are no longer friends, ok?] But isn’t it pretty?
Favorite MB of the week: [Since I know that’s what you really came to see anyway.]
Double fisting. 

Is it Friday yet?

[Update: Head on over to The Other Mama to see what some other mamas’ favorites are this week!]


8 thoughts on “Friday Favorites, on Thursday

  1. Sitting in my office at 8am with tears running down my face after reading that post. But then I looked back up at the photo of MB double fisting and smiled. Thanks for sharing!

  2. OK. Don't know if I can go over and read the post or not! I've got some preggers hormones to deal with already and am not quite sure I can handle anything else. I'll shoot for this afternoon. LOVE the double fisting and the necklace. If I buy one, I'll get 2 and send you one. Would that be safe?And can't wait to find out about that app! Sounds awesome!

  3. Hi! Thanks for your comment! We have great taste and I'm glad to come upon your blog. You're right – that necklace is awesome. Thanks for the tip on that N.B. song – I'm going to get it for my workout! 🙂

  4. Love the Etsy necklace. If I actually wore any bling besides my wedding ring and standard skull and/or cherry earrings, I would wear something like this. But I PROMISE I wouldn't wear it around you. Cause I am NOT eeeee-vil. (Although don't ask my kids, because they are still upset I made them clean and may tell you the contrary…)

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