Jiggity Jig/Jog

[So, Lee and I have a disagreement that perhaps you can weigh in on. Did your grandparents ever sing “home again, home again jiggity jig [jog]”when you were little?

Well MY grandmother always said jiggity JIG, which makes perfect sense to me, and Lee’s grandmother always said jiggity JOG.

Please settle this dispute for us before Mary Bullock ends up very confused.]

Anyway, I’m back from Nashville! It was a great weekend that started out with the most interesting seatmates on my flight. I ended up with these six roses,

one for each of the six of us. The woman who got the rest of them was the girlfriend/ex-wife of one of my seatmates. I told you it was interesting.

The rest of Friday night was spent squealing with laughter at decibels that I’m pretty sure only dogs can hear. I think we had some wine. Rachel, do you remember if we had any wine?

Saturday involved stuffing ourselves silly at Monell’s, shopping in Franklin, cupcakes, and naps. Sadly, we are not the spry young women we used to be.

We also went to the Help Haiti Live concert on Saturday night at the Ryman.

What an awesome concert at an awesome venue! Ya’ll. We got to see Alison Krauss and Union Station. We were in the balcony, but it still felt really close. [I think that makes Alison and me BFFs now.] And I don’t know if you saw my facebook status, but Taylor Swift was sitting in the audience a few rows away.
So, an amazing weekend with the girls. And, I have to tell you that Lee did an amazing job with Moon Beam this weekend. They went to the Jacksonville Arboretum, explored the Cummer Museum, and I somehow managed to come home to a clean house. Lee says it was easy peasy.
I told him I would take that under advisement.

8 thoughts on “Jiggity Jig/Jog

  1. I have to be the one that says "jog". but actually, and I looked it up, it is both jig and jog, it just depends on what verse they sung to you!

  2. Kelly–I guess it IS a Southern thing. I never thought of it that way. I actually didn't know anyone else EVER sang it until Lee told me that I was "singing it wrong" [hence the disagreement!].

  3. I figured out this Jiggity Jig/Jog thing a few months ago when one of my co-workers said Jog. Anywho, that is GREAT news that it was so easy peasy for Lee and MB. Must mean you can take more mommy time!!

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