The parts Mary Bullock left out

I feel the need to fill in a few gaps in Mary Bullock’s explanation of events yesterday.

Exhibit A: Today’s re-enactment of yesterday’s Great Diaper Strewing

The best part is the innocent look on her face. She’s all: What? Is this wrong?
Exhibit B: The Little Butterfly. I submit for your perusal the contents of this book. If you have a kid and can read this without crying, you have a heart of stone. 

This next one is usually where I start to crumble…
See what I mean?  Tear my heart out with a spoon!


3 thoughts on “The parts Mary Bullock left out

  1. oh geeze, I couldn't even read your blog ABOUT that book without crying. I am so not buying that book. Yes, yes, I have tears running down my face right now.

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