The Littlest Bubba: A Morning in the Life

5:30am– Wake up. It’s an hour and a half before it’s time to get up, but there is much playing to be done. Head start city!
6:30am– Crank my squawking up a notch. What are those slow pokes doing in theeeeeeere?
6:45am– Daddy finally hears me. Think to myself: must squawk louder tomorrow.
7:05am– Waf..[nom nom nom] n Honey Dew Meeeluuuuuuu [nom nom nom]
7:15am-Upeeeeeez! With a nice toss of the milk cup for creative flourish.
7:30amRedistribution of diapers. Why do they all have to go in one place anyways? Lame.
7:34am– Pour Ingle’s water bowl in my lap while Mommy is picking up diapers. Score!
7:45am– Mommy already looks tired.
8:00am– Create masterpiece. Mommy says I am an artistic genius. I concur.

8:15am– Read every book on my shelf. 

8:20am– Rearrange books. Shelves=dumb. Floor=betta.
8:30am– Cry when Dadu leaves. Refuse to kiss him bye bye. Would kiss if he would stay and play. 
9:15am– Shoes and socks. I like shoes and socks because then I can thunk thunk thunk thunk thunk around the house.
9:20am– Raisins! 
9:30am– Mommy drops me off at the play room at the gym. Cry for effect. 
9:31am– Mommy who? 
10:30am– Still playing.
10:31am– There’s mommy! More crying. More effect. 
10:45am– Early for lunch with Dadu, so Mommy takes me to a park with no swings. What the poop? 

10:47am– Nevermind. There is dirt here. We’re all good. 

10:52am– Man in the park asks how old I am. Mom says sixteen months. I say, “YEAH!” Man is suitably surprised at my verbal prowess. 
11:00am– Dadu!! Bage..[nom nom nom]. 
11:30am– Back in the car, trying to snooze. Mommy nearly crashes while wiggling my foot. Why is she still talking? Bubba is sleepy. Ssshhh, Mommy, shhhhhh.
11:31am– Mommy pushes her iphone into my hand. Sleepy? Who’s sleepy? 
11:32am– Mommy smiles. Thinks she is a genius. 
11:45am– Home. Mommy reads me The Little Butterfly without crying. I hug her extra tight. So proud of her. 
11:47am– zzzzzzzzzzzzz


7 thoughts on “The Littlest Bubba: A Morning in the Life

  1. This is pretty darn cute, Suz. Probably because MB is such a doll! I kinda wish she was coming along this weekend….This helps to answer my question–what do moms DO all day? You're busy!

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