On the to-do list: Try not to suck

Do you ever think to yourself: Wow. As a human being, I kind of suck sometimes? 

I hope I’m not the only person who ever has that thought. [Although that’s kind of weird to say: I hope you think you suck, just so I won’t be the the only one? But hopefully you know what I mean.]

In this particular instance, I, with a wine-loosened tongue, made some uncharitable comments about someone that I care about. When I woke up Sunday morning, my words were the first things to pop into my head, followed quickly by [ugh] regret. I brooded about it all day yesterday. Why did I do that? That’s not the person that I want to be. That’s certainly not the person I want to teach Mary Bullock to be.

Anyway, after Mary Bullock’s bedtime I started my nightly blog perusal and by chance found myself on this post at My Favorite Things. Isn’t it amazing how, even if you’re not looking for it, the thing you need in your life somehow just shows up?

Anyway, that post led me to this, which I felt answered the question I had been asking Lee all day yesterday, which was how do I make amends? What do I do now?

So this is my new iphone wallpaper. I’m hoping that it will remind me of my obligation as a human being to try my best every day to not suck
I’m starting with baby steps.


5 thoughts on “On the to-do list: Try not to suck

  1. look at her faaace. i know all peanuts are adorable and yadayada, but MY GAWD YOUR KID IS CUTE. tell me that she constantly spits all over and poops a lot so that i won't want one. or something. please.kellyp.s. i'm sure it wasn't that bad. nothing a little, "hey i totally was thinking about how i talked out of my pooper last night and i'm sorry" won't fix anyway…

  2. Well, I'm not going to say that spit or poo is a dealbreaker, but I will say this: be sure you've done whatever you want to do to the house before you have one!! Your priorities definitely shift. Everything takes 75% longer to accomplish than pre-baby. But it's TOTALLY worth it.

  3. Love it and I'm right there with you. I totally insulted the drive through girl at the coffee shop today and COMPLETELY didn't mean to. I'm an idiot. And I've beaten myself up about it now for an hour. And I apologized which made it more awkward. I think I'm mentally and socially still in 7th grade. Hey- send me your e-mail address so we can talk sequins. đŸ™‚

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