Valentine’s Summary: No lamb chops

Today’s post was going to be about our Valentine’s dinner which, historically, is grilled lamb chops. And I was going to tell you all about our very first Valentine’s day together and why we [by family policy] always serve bread with our Valentine’s Day meal.

And then Publix ran out of lamb chops. So, if you live on the Westside and had lamb chops for dinner last night, you are the reason that I will not be able to tell that story, which is kind of funny. So, I hope your lamb chops were mighty tasty.

Valentine’s Day came and went without too much fanfare in the Wedekind house, which is the way we like it. I did make Mary Bullock a Valentine, though. Every now and then, just when my scissor set is about to get rusty, I drag out my supplies and start cutting.

That’s e.e. cummings. You should read it if you have a moment for such things. It’s a good one. 
I hope you had a good Valentine’s Day* with people that you love. 
*Even if your Valentine’s Day took place last week, and your boyfriend was out of town on the 14th visiting his family and did not send you flowers. WINK!


5 thoughts on “Valentine’s Summary: No lamb chops

  1. Oh! That's me! My Valentine's Day WAS utterly flowerless. I think Kirby needs to explain himself to all the Birthday Things readers who are currently judging him. PS- He justified the non-sending of flowers by saying that Lee did not give you flowers (which I did not believe for a second).

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