1 Resolution down, 9 to go!

Lee and I put some major time into the hall closet this weekend, so on day 11 I can actually mark one New Year’s Resolution off of my list!

We even threw out some love letters while we were at it. It was harder than we thought it would be, throwing out evidence of our lives before each other. In the end, though, given our limited storage capacity, the evidence of our lives together wins the closet space.

[Update: speaking of evidence of our lives together, Lee’s major project for the weekend was organizing our massive CD and DVD collection. Guess what we found? The never before watched DVD of our rehearsal dinner! So Mary Bullock and I watched it today! Fun times. We looked so young. And skinny.] 

The resolution I’m having the most trouble with is actually the exercising, even though I’d really like to be doing it instead of being trapped in the house. It’s just hard to justify taking Mary Bullock out for a run when it’s 35 degrees outside. When it warms up, though…I’m on it. Swear.


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