And so 2010 begins

So far, not much different from 2009. But I’m hoping– really really hoping— that those greens I ate last night will take effect soon.

Anyway, today I will skip the blah blah blah and just show some pictures of our morning.

Mary Bullock got a baby stroller for Christmas, but the only baby allowed to ride is Mary Bullock. I tried to coax her into giving Pearl a ride a few days ago, but that ended badly [for Pearl, I mean] so I just let her push around an empty stroller most of the time. 

She’s also started walking around with her hands behind her back a lot. We have no idea where she gets this, but she looks so contemplative, doesn’t she? Like she must be wise beyond her year

Anyway, I took the day off from trying to fulfill my New Year’s Resolutions yesterday, because who does laundry on New Year’s Day? But today it’s on. So, I need to go read, do laundry, clean something, cook something, and not spend money.

Happy 2010!


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