Etsy is a conspiracy!

A conspiracy, I’m telling you. A full scale attack on my heart strings and, therefore, my wallet.

Uh…make that Lee’s wallet. Same difference though, right?

The problem is I read this blog, and I see things that are cutish, but maybe not exactly for me. But then I click the links.

Note to self: stop clicking the freaking links.

Because then I end up lusting after these:


Another post about Mary Bullock

Can I just talk about my baby for a minute? Click away if you’ve already reached the saturation point on hearing how precious I think my kid is. I won’t be offended.

I know I’m not saying anything new here, but I think she’s the bee’s knees.  Even when she throws her food on the floor, even when she makes confetti out of the magazines newly pushed through the mail slot, even when she asks “uppeez” for the 14th time after the 13th time she’s squirmed to be put down.
I gave her eskimo kisses while she ate her lunch and thought: this is the best thing ever. 
Then we sat down to read our books before nap time, and half way through Gossie I heard a little hoooonk-shooooooo, hoooonk-shoooooo. She’d passed out in my lap, sucking on her lovey, with her shoes on, and I thought: no no no. This is the best thing ever.

For Baby Bennie

So my sweet sweet nephew Bennie, [my twin sister’s baby] is turning 1 soon! His birthday is Februrary 5, which means he’s set with a Super Bowl themed birthday party for like…the rest of his life. Hope he likes chicken wings!

Anyway, Ben Bowl I is coming up, so I’m scoping things out for my sis. That’s what sisters who don’t go to offices for a living do, right?

Party favors: check.


I knew yesterday would be a good day, and see? I was right.

1. I found out my Moop has shipped and will be here soon!!  This was a Christmas present that didn’t get here quite in time for Christmas. I have asked Lee no less than 14,000 times since then when my Moop will be here. I think the fact that it’s coming soon is as much a relief to him as it is a joy to me.

I cannot, cannot, cannot wait. I have been mentally organizing all of my items inside this bag for 4 weeks now.
2. My mother-in-law gave us a box of tissues to spare our little red noses from any more toilet tissue (and to save us a trip to Publix).
3. We got good news on something we had been worried about.
4. Mary Bullock and I finally got out for a walk!
5. My lifetime record of zero cavities remains perfectly in tact, in case you were worried.
6. Lee and I spent a lovely night at The Marriage Course. Ate a lovely meal that I didn’t have to cook, worked on our communication skills, and amazingly–did not fight over whether or not we were good communicators. Already an improvement over last week’s fiasco.
Was yesterday a great day for you, too?

It’s Wednesday!

Well I’m on my second cup of coffee. What? Don’t judge me. It makes an excellent chaser for Robitussin. We’re down to using toilet paper for tissue, since we’ve decimated the Puffs Plus around here.

The house is covered in laundry [that I haven’t gotten around to putting away yet] and mulch from our trip to the park yesterday.

I haven’t done much of value this morning, other than microwaving breakfast and packing Lee’s lunch.

But somehow, somehow…despite the mounds of dirty tissues, the littering of toys left underfoot, the towers of laundry…I hereby declare that today will be a great day.

Don’t ask me how I know.

I just do.

Where we were when we weren’t here

Well, hello.

Sorry for the absence if you noticed that there was one. Mary Bullock and I accompanied Lee on a trip to Tampa Friday and Saturday. It probably would have been more fun had our sniffles not turned into full on yuckiness on the way down there. But we did get to see the Florida Aquarium before we headed back, which was pretty cool.


Since then, I have to say that I’ve spent most of my time dwelling in my own snotty, coughy misery. And also, reading this book

which is one of the best I’ve read in a long time. I have about 30 pages left and had to put it down last night before I really wanted to. Then I dreamed about it all night. Have you ever read a book that made its way into your dreams?
I have one other piece of awesomeness today, too! Remember this?

I finished my last bottle last week and was sad to begin what I thought would be a long, mocha-less wait till next holiday season. And then I saw this on the shelf at Publix on Sunday!
 God bless you, Nestle. I will enjoy this all year, thank you very much.

So Ugly It’s Cute

Listen, I love cute things as much as the next person. I cry at cotton commercials because they remind me of baby lambs.

Not really*, but you see what I mean.

But sometimes I just love things because they are so stinking ugly, they’re irresistible.

Wonky eyes get me every time.

See what I mean? 

*I mean, I do cry at cotton commercials, but not because they remind me of baby lambs. That was a dramatization.