Christmas Tree tour wrap up

It’s a mouse! In a boot! I don’t know what would make such a combination prime for Christmas ornamentation, but this is apparently Lee’s favorite ornament from when he was little, so he has lived at our house since we’ve been married. Happy little mouse, huh?
This is one of those “couple’s first Christmas” ornaments that are the requisite wedding shower gift. But this one is special [to me, at least] because of the verse on the left hand side. Those of you who know us well know that Lee and I are probably the two most impatient people who ever lived. We know and accept this about each other, though it never ceases to frustrate both of us [I know, right? We get frustrated at each other for being impatient. Nice combo]. That’s why we have Love is Patient inscribed on our wedding rings. Lest we forget. Although, we usually remind each other like this:
Or vice versa.

My mom gave this one to us a few years ago. Those are cartoons of each of us. It even has salt-n-pepper for Lee’s hair. Such an eye for detail! He’s labeled Lee, III because–have I told you this?–there are 14,000 other Lees between our two families. And Moms just wanted to be clear about which one I was being depicted holding hands with on this ornament. 

This is Mary Bullock’s new ornament. But the more appropriate view is this one:

Since this is the view I most often get of my very active child.

These are some of Lee’s favorites: the camping themed ornaments. I think our camping themed ornaments outnumber actual camping trips at this point.

Saved the best for last. This is Mary Bullock’s new ornament from Big Lee [Lee’s dad], who is the biggest Christmas fan ever to exist. I don’t know who was more excited about this ornament–Big Lee or me.  Mary Bullock didn’t seem to care just yet, but I’m guessing this will be the ornament that makes it to her grown-up Christmas tree in about 20 30 40 years, or whenever we allow her to leave us.
And, that’s it for the Christmas tree tour this year. I hope your Christmas tree holds as many precious memories [or memories in the making] as ours.


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