That’s what we call it in our house when we’ve eaten the whole bag of Easter candy in one sitting, say, or blown the budget on whatever it is we end up buying at Target [Can anyone ever say with Target? I mean, really–where does the money go?]

Luckily I was just kidding on this one [not that it’s out of my range to eat this many Reese’s at once, but I just didn’t happen to today.] See? Here they are.

We’re making cookies. Well, I’m making cookies, and Mary Bullock is napping. But as you other mothers know, that’s the best help I can get!

Our sweet across the street neighbor and her precious baby Greyson have invited us to a cookie exchange on Saturday, so we’re preparing ahead. I hope at least some of the cookies survive till party time.  If not, there’s always Chips Ahoy!

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