Getting there

I am very proud of myself this afternoon! Lee was so helpful in stringing up the lights on the Christmas tree last night while I went to my tennis team Christmas party. He did such a good job, and without my constant interference help, he was able to put 2 more strands of lights on this year’s tree than last year’s.

But then somehow this morning, the lights mysteriously went out. Now, I’m not an electrical sleuth, but I am on a mission to massacre my to-do list today, and I couldn’t go forward until I was sure the lights were working. So I fixed it. I really did. And it involved very complicated things. Things that deserve praise and perhaps brownies.

So next on my to-do list was to put hooks on all of our new gold ball ornaments and hang them on the tree. After my friend Jill [who is Jewish] professed her love of the gold Christmas tree here, I decided to give it a go, because, you know, yay Israel and all.

Now I’m trying to decide: enough balls? or more balls? What do you think? 

Lee and I also would like to share some of our favorite Christmas ornaments with you. We love collecting Christmas ornaments and taking them out every year to remember where they came from and what our family was like when we got them.  So I’ll post some of these whenever I get the chance. Mary Bullock is taking a great nap today [oooh hope I didn’t jinx it] so I’ll start now.

I don’t think Lee even knows this is one of my favorites, but it always makes me laugh. We got this one in Cashiers two years ago when we went with his family for Thanksgiving. We bought this one specifically to remember how his dad had made several “bear traps” for the house, one of which was an empty coke can balanced precariously on the door knob. Safety first, you know?

More soonish. I’m going to go try to mark some more items off of my list!


4 thoughts on “Getting there

  1. Nice job Suz! Jill, that gold tree that you like is actually the work of a Nashville based designer – she owns Gilchrist – Gilchrist. Have you been there? If not, we need to make a stop in February ๐Ÿ™‚

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