Not dead [yet]

Still here, just crazy busy. Have you ever had one of those weeks were everything in the world takes place in that week? That was our life this past week. Only it will also be our lives for the next two weeks as well. Top of my to-do list: make the other five to-do lists. Check.  Unfortunately, we still haven’t checked off decorate Christmas tree, so those pictures will have to wait.

So let me back up a bit. Early this week, we had a few Christmas parties to attend. One of them was the Opening Night party for the annual Arts & Antiques Show. It took us a while to get in due to the influx of people using valet [we’re normally not so fancy–I can walk in heels still, amazingly–but it was pouring rain], but I did manage to snap some pictures before we had to leave. [I mean, for those of you who are still looking for my Christmas present.]

Either one. If you’re paying, I’m not picky.

Dear Kate, if you bought me this desk I would write you lots of letters. Love, Suz.

These could beautify the new enormous blank wall in our den, now that we have a new TV. Did I tell you that we got a new TV? We did. After shopping for about five years, Lee finally bit the bullet. I don’t think he’s let the thing cool down since. He is smitten.

Unfortunately, our furniture is not yet appropriate for such a TV. [On my to-do list: find a way to hide the gaggle of cords before Mary Bullock decides they look mighty tasty].

But I digress.


So many lovely things. I forgot to take a picture of our favorite, though. [Ok our favorite thing under $3000]. There was a pair of fish prints that Lee very nearly hid under his jacket on the way out. I always giggle when Lee talks about fish prints because the first time he mentioned fish prints [he was looking at some on ebay, I think] I thought he was saying Fish Prince and the conversation that followed made me laugh so hard I cried.  What is a Fish Prince? And how do you buy one on ebay? [Maybe you had to be there.]
AGH! This is already getting long. I guess that’s what happens when you peace out for five days. I’ll make the rest short.

Mary Bullock met Santa this morning! She didn’t even cry. She was pretty wary, but I think she decided that the Easter Bunny didn’t kill her, and this guy at least had regular looking ears, so he must be ok.
Then, Mary Bullock’s BFF Mattie, who just turned one, celebrated her birthday with the cutest party today.

Happy Birthday, Mattie!

I realized after we left that I had forgotten to take pictures of Meg’s super cute decorations, so I hope she hasn’t taken them down before I get to document them for my files!

Mary Bullock was a little fussy, but bubbles helped. Unfortunately, she was never smiling and facing me at the same time. I have a lot of pictures of her back, though!
So, we’re exhausted and off to sleepy sleep sleep.

3 thoughts on “Not dead [yet]

  1. I LOVE the blue chair. love it. Come take pictures whenever you like. You can have some left over cake you can take too. Cause that is what you need, more cake. But come soon. I might actually make the effort to switch from Birthday to Christmas this week.

  2. Note two things about the tv picture:1. I have way more gray hair than even I thought. These girls have taken a toll on me.2. I was drinking red wine and watching C-Span. How erudite.

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