I heart closet

No, I’m not just saying I heart things because I see them.

I really heart this closet. It’s not over-the-top fabulous, it just works. I mean, for those of us who don’t have room for a chandelier and an ottoman in our babies’ closets.
In fact, my goal for this week [ok, maybe this month] is to make this

look more like that. 

And lest you think that this is a done-in-a-day sort of task, let me explain: organizing a baby’s room is best done WAY BEFORE YOU HAVE A BABY. In fact, Mary Bullock’s room was at its most organized when she was around -3 months old. Once you actually have the baby in your house, it is:

a) impossible to organize the closet when she’s awake because she’s running around the house like a banshee wielding her toothpaste/your high heels/a remote control bigger than her face.
b) impossible to organize the closet when she’s asleep because HEAVEN FORBID you wake her up and she resumes the banshee-like tear through the house.

And since there are only these two types of time in a day [banshee/sleeping banshee] it sort of makes for difficulties in baby room organization.

So, yeah. It might take me till the end of the month year.  [In case you were thinking of holding your breath.]


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