We’s Not Here

[You’ll have to forgive me for the title.]

We just made it back from our whirlwind NC trip to see my family and then my college friends at UNC homecoming. As you may have heard, I made the trip up with MB by myself. There is very little good to say about those eight hours of my life except that we physically survived. I thought I might have been experiencing a little PTSD afterwards, though. The trip home today was much easier since Lee was with us. He likes to think he is a calming influence.

Anyway, sorry for last week’s absence. But I do have some pictures to make up for it. I left the earlier in the day pictures up to my friends with awesome cameras, so I’ll skip to He’s Not Here*. [Wouldn’t it be nice to be able to do that in real life? Just fast forward to He’s Not? Like this: blah blah blah…Blue Cups. Ahhhh.]

These are my best girls [minus one, who must have wandered off]. This is why I love them: because even though our lives have diverged practically and geographically, when I’m with them, I laugh so hard my cheeks hurt.  And it’s not just the beer.
[Ok, ok, I will back up just a bit, because these pictures make me laugh.]
There was also some sort of athletic contest this weekend? We went briefly, and took the girl [hence the briefly]:

Pre-goldfish: all good. 

Post-goldfish: time to go.
It was a great weekend, if a little hectic. There never seems to be enough time to see everyone or do everything that we want to do. I guess we’ll just have to make another trip soon!

 *He’s Not Here= Chapel Hill’s finest [only?] beer garden.


4 thoughts on “We’s Not Here

  1. HI-sterical. Jake has been asking me all weekend if you took MB to the game. I think he is getting ideas about trying to take Ben to an NCSU game. The look on Lee's face is priceless. Glad you made it back OK with no incidents.

  2. glad your home safe. Just to make you feel better…Matt and I almost stopped for a hotel room in Daytona on a drive home from Orlando when Davis was little (a 150 mile drive). It happens to everyone…

  3. Saturday was so much fun!!! Even with the hectic-ness, I think it was perfect. And I am very proud at how late we stayed out, and how many blue cups we consumed.

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