I wish that I could say this post was a true Birthday Thing, but in fact it’s probably somewhere closer to a Thing I Hate. So, you’ll have to forgive me on this one.

Last night we met with our architect again, and before she can bid out our house project, she needs an idea of what kind of finishes we might want in the new rooms.

At this point in the conversation, the soundtrack would have been birds chirping. [Or crickets. Yeah. Crickets is what I meant.] Uh…?

So she gave me this list

 which, in all honesty, makes me mildly panicky. Choices are not my strong suit. And this is a lot of choices.
Little help?
Could I just order up the CougarTown kitchen and be done?

5 thoughts on “Panic.

  1. I can be your traveling designer if you want to fly me down to help you pick things out – I love that stuff 🙂 I would of course have to bring my 1.5 yr old assistant though. We are in the process of picking out plumbing and tile for our guest bath. Let me know if you come across anything good!

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