Weekend in Review

So, of course Mary Bullock’s birthday party was the highlight of the weekend, but that was only two hours. The rest of the weekend was a little blurry, but thankfully I took pictures so I could remember what took place!

First, there were a lot of wagon rides…but I didn’t take pictures of those. Dang it! Thankfully, Jen just came through with some of those pictures. Because MB was born to ride in a wagon. Born to.  She loves to throw things over the sides. She also loves to lean over and put her fingers on the wagon wheels, just to feel the tickle as they circle beneath her fingers. Then she puts her fingers in her mouth.  Lovely, right? But what are you going to do?

Did I forget to mention that we had a fabulous fried seafood lunch at Whitey’s? We had fried pickles as an appetizer (yum!) and I had fried gator tail for my entree.  If you’ve never had it, it’s a bucket list item, in my opinion. I have Lee to thank for getting me to cross this one off.

Then there was the cookie making. I’ve never made sugar cookies that didn’t come from a Pillsbury tube. Turns out, those Pillsbury people are onto something. Cutting out sugar cookies is hard. So hard, in fact, that I forgot to take pictures while we [ok, mom did most of the hard stuff] were doing it. But I did get mom to fake one for me.

 Notice there is no dough in that pile of flour? Mom is such a bad liar. I get this from her.

Lee’s brilliant idea for the duckies was to shred blue paper and make a pond for them to float in, so that is what we did.

Want some? Come by my house! We have some left. And they were pretty good, I thought, for my first time. I would have frosted them, but I was dead on my feet after a crazy Friday spent making final preparations for the party. Next time, perhaps.
Here are some other party details that didn’t get posted yesterday…

It took us all a while to come down off of Saturday’s frenzy, so Sunday we spent waking up slowly, then lazily wandering the zoo, taking in the fall air that eluded us on party day. [Really? 94 degrees in late October? Of course.] 

Sigh. My camera is stupid.

The babies were tired, but the giraffes sure woke them up!

Have you ever seen a giraffe eat? Their tongues are long. And snake-like.  Lee fussed at me while he was trying to get these pictures because I kept screaming and dropping the lettuce. But I’m telling you: when that tongue comes at you [or your lettuce, really–but still] it’s fight or flight. And I’m all for flight.

MB’s first train ride was a success! Although, I think her daddy was more excited than she was. What is it about boys and trains?

We couldn’t ever get the babies to look at us at the same time for a picture, but this one will do. It was so nice having Jen, Jake and Bennie around. MB will be lonely now!
Ok, that’s it for the weekend. Moving on with life now. My baby is a toddler. She even seems older now.  Walking around, saying some new word[ish]s…
Wonder what’s next?

7 thoughts on “Weekend in Review

  1. I'm sorry I missed it! She looks darling, and you look pretty good yourself, Suz! Love the black and white plaid– was that a uber-trendy long plaid tee that you wore with leggings? If it was, I must see the outfit up close. Get on it!

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