One year ago today…

Ready to be induced, 6:00am. Little did I know this would be the last time my hair would look really nice.

Daddy getting the electronics ready! This was of supreme importance. 
12 hours later…

I think my first words were, “OH MY GOD!” and then “Oh, Lee. She has your toes.” 

The new daddy was a little shaky.

I was sort of smiling, sort of laughing, and sort of crying. And I also sort of had jowels.  [It was the fluids! I swear!]
So proud to show off his girl.

I love that this picture looks so peaceful, but I specifically remember being very, very afraid.
This is one of my favorite pictures from her first day [actually the next morning]. I love that we get to keep this moment, amid all the lost moments of those first blurry days. I also love this because we laughed so hard when we figured out that the nurses had put a shirt on her bottom as pants.  It wasn’t so funny that they did it, but that it took us hours to figure that out.
Not surprisingly, there’s been a lot to figure out in the last year. And we’re honored to have been given the opportunity.

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