A little bit of bathroom, a little bit of cupcakes

I realize that this is going to sound completely random. What do bathrooms have to do with cupcakes? Actually, a lot of you probably already know the answer to this, because whenever the subject of our bathroom comes up, I tell the very long story of Alex Davis.

Here he is in our ripped out bathroom, circa March 2008. I spent much of this remodel lying on the couch with awful morning sickness while he ran around town to find me the exact right color gray grout.  Which explains part of why I am still one of his biggest fans more than a year later.

Ok, so here’s the bathroom at the beginning of demo [sorry I didn’t get a true before shot, but trust me it was BAD]:

And bathroom after:

And just when I thought my buddy Alex could not get any better, he went and opened a cupcake shop really close to our house. First it was called Vanilla’s Cupcakery, but it is now known as Sivada’s Cupcakery. Name, schmame. These are the best cupcakes ever.

Strawberry Cheesecake, my first love:

Peanut Butter Cup:

Creme Brulee:



I just might have to have one of these this afternoon! Anyone want to join? We can swing by the Drema party on Woodmere while we’re out!


7 thoughts on “A little bit of bathroom, a little bit of cupcakes

  1. oh boo, I just got to reading this and we would totally have joined you on both occasions. my cupcake would not have made it home. I am DYING for one right NOW.

  2. I would enjoy both a cupcake and some Drema jewelry but you'll have to bring it to me as I am stuck in this seat. You can't lie and say you don't know where to find me haha;)

  3. Kate–I haven't seen him make the rootbeer float cupcake since the early days. The red velvet is a staple, though. Guess you'll have to come back to get one! Taylor–I don't know about the Drema, but I can definitely deliver a cupcake! Mary Bullock and I will surprise you one day. 🙂

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