Friday Favorites: Week in Review

How is it already the end of September? How am I the mother of an almost one year old? Where in the world does the time go? Do you ever feel that way?
I was taking the rice out of the pantry to make dinner last night, and suddenly I thought–shouldn’t the mommy be doing this? And why does she live so far away? And then I remembered: Oh wait. That’s me. I’m the mommy.


Favorite Etsy find: [and I hesitate to even post this, so DON’T GANK IT!]

Favorite new TV show [and The Office was super disappointing, so this might move up to Favorite TV show, period]:

Favorite Blog Post. Makes me kind of want a do-over with Mary Bullock. I should have been a better at my documentation. Instead, I watched the TV on mute for 9 straight hours post epidural. No fun pictures there.

It’s crazy that I’m already wishing you all another Happy Friday! I’m just crossing my fingers that next time I blink I won’t open my eyes to gray hair.

6 thoughts on “Friday Favorites: Week in Review

  1. Why is Mommasissy confusing? To Ben, I'm sorta like his Momma and sorta like his Momma's sissy. Since at some point he and MB will probably get us confused anyway, and since we'd treat each other's children the way we'd treat our own, it makes sense to me.

  2. Okay, so I'm about to post "WTF? Are these two twins?" when I read Jen's post. Duh! Sometimes I am slow on the uptake. I like "mommasissy," but had no idea wtf was going on with it until Jen's first post made the lightbulb shine in my noggin. Where in the hell do you find these blogs, btw, Suz?? I do NOT need more randomness to read, but I LOVE every, single one you point to me.

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