Am I a square?

So, I’ll save you the long explanation, but at tennis last night, the question was asked: what do you like better, squares or circles? Hm. I have been bugging Lee for eons to have a round kitchen table (when/if/ever we have room for such a thing in our new-new kitchen)…

But when really put on the spot, I have to say, I really prefer squares. I have no idea why, but when an answer was demanded, this was my automatic response. Sandy, who had asked the question, said that meant that I am a very structured person.

So I have to ask, if that’s the case, why our desk always looks like this:

Definitely not structured. So embarrassing. But there it is.

Anyway, now I will leave you with something I love that has to do with circles AND squares…

[I wish there were a more graceful way to do this, but click here and then click the box that says “Circle and Square.”]


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