Can youtube clean my house, too?

I learn something new every day! Unfortunately, I forget something new every day, also. So, when our housekeeper taught me how to fold a fitted sheet several months ago, I was elated! No more messy linen closet! But then when she left, I forgot how. I suppose I could have asked her again, but I’m pretty sure she already thinks I’m an idiot, and I am in no rush to prove her correct.

Enter youtube–How To Fold a Fitted Sheet. Did you know you could learn to do such things on the internetz? WOW.

The girl talks super fast, but after about 4 viewings, I got the gist. And look! Look at my sheets!

Still not perfect, but a vast improvement. That’s the fitted sheet on the bottom.

It’s a good thing I’m very simply amused.


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