An early Thanksgiving

I am thankful for massages.
And for facials.
And for the Bubba who works hard all day at his desk lawyering [which is not as glamorous as many law students may imagine] so that I can play with Mary Bullock, have lunch dates, tend to the house, and have the occasional [and by that I mean, every five years or so] massage and facial.

As a person who no longer contributes to the family coffers, it’s easy for me, between play dates and neighborhood strolls, to overlook the work it takes to finance a family: Oh, look! It’s the last Thursday of the month! Magic.

But it’s not that way, and today I’m saying thank you to the HBIC of the Wedekind household.


At least the mile-long to-do list can be pretty!

Don’t know if you guys actually clicked to enlarge the picture of my to-do list from yesterday, but it was quite a list. Especially considering that Mary Bullock forgot to take a morning nap yesterday.

I have a love/hate relationship with lists. When I can cross everything off of my list, I love them. When I cross everything off and then immediately have another page long list, I start to hate them. But love or hate, our house would not function without them. Might as well make them pretty:

I’ve posted this one on FB before. I’m still in lust with it. I’ve never seen anything more accurately sum up my daily existence.
This is a new etsy find. It’s a PDF that you download and print at home. A little bit of pretty for three dollars
On my not quite as pretty to-do list for today: Wish my nephew Grayson a Happy 14th Birthday! 

That Betty sure can cook!

So I’ll just be honest: sometimes food makes me a little…blegh.  It was especially bad when I was pregnant, of course, but some Sunday nights, looking at my blank weekly menu, the blegh comes back full force. You would think, since this is the case, that I would be skinnier.

But this is Birthday Things, not Thighs I Inherited From My Mother.


So whenever I cannot think of a single thing that I actually want to make for dinner, and trolling makes me want to [is there any polite way to say it?], this big red cookbook never fails. And it has pictures! Pictures are a must for the culinarily challenged such as myself. Bless you, Betty.

This Betty has sentimental value, also. It was the first cookbook I ever bought. Lee and I had just started dating, and he was coming for dinner, at which point I figured that I better learn how to cook something.  I think my first attempt was Oven Fried Chicken. Then I lugged it back out to cook dinner the first time he met my parents [Chicken Tetrazzini]. Without Betty, we probably would have spent our first year of courtship eating Peanut Butter & Jelly, because I’m sure that was about the extent of my culinary skill prior to her.

It’s certainly no Mastering the Art of French Cooking, but then, neither am I.

What about you? What’s your favorite cookbook?

In case you are confused…

I hope that I find something later on today that I love, but for now it has come to my attention that I may need to clarify: I will not now–nor will I ever–be buying an $885 high chair. If you didn’t get my humor with the picture alone, perhaps you might re-read the part where I said we’d have to replace the rest of our dining room to make it fit.

I’m pretty sure we have other things to do with our lotto winnings.
[Should that day ever occur.]

For the next baby…

Don’t worry…this is a hypothetical baby so far. But I definitely have a list of things that I want for the next Little Bubba Wedekind. Most of it is simple: a video monitor, a Moby wrap, maybe a Phil & Ted’s stroller with a doubler.

But then there’s this.

All we’d have to do then is get rid of the rest of our dining room chairs and get new ones that are at least as nice. Hmmm…and get a new dining room table to go with them. Totally worth it, right? I thought that’s what you’d think! I’m going to start working on Lee right away.

Friday Favorites: Week in Review

How is it already the end of September? How am I the mother of an almost one year old? Where in the world does the time go? Do you ever feel that way?
I was taking the rice out of the pantry to make dinner last night, and suddenly I thought–shouldn’t the mommy be doing this? And why does she live so far away? And then I remembered: Oh wait. That’s me. I’m the mommy.


Favorite Etsy find: [and I hesitate to even post this, so DON’T GANK IT!]

Favorite new TV show [and The Office was super disappointing, so this might move up to Favorite TV show, period]:

Favorite Blog Post. Makes me kind of want a do-over with Mary Bullock. I should have been a better at my documentation. Instead, I watched the TV on mute for 9 straight hours post epidural. No fun pictures there.

It’s crazy that I’m already wishing you all another Happy Friday! I’m just crossing my fingers that next time I blink I won’t open my eyes to gray hair.