Friday Favorites: Week in Review

Favorite Picture

Favorite Blog Post [Definitely click the link. You’ll totally snarf if you haven’t already.]

Favorite TV personality

I know I just posted this picture yesterday, but DID YOU SEE THAT POCKET SQUARE? Tell me that doesn’t send your heart aflutter.

But I digress.

Favorite Trend I Could Never Pull Off

Favorite Trend I Could Totally Pull Off and The Return of Which I Have Been Awaiting Since Approximately 1996

Favorite Newly Re-discovered Song of the Week: Hooch, by Everything. Wow, that song makes me smile.

Fresh-e Freshy Friday, Everyone!


6 thoughts on “Friday Favorites: Week in Review

  1. lol I have a very similar sweater to the "trend you can't pull off" and I disagree- you can totally pull it off. i wear mine all through the fall with a white tank and jeans.

  2. Yep– you could totally pull off that sweater, I don't know what you're talking about. Maybe you just need to see me in it first? 🙂 I'm not watching this season of Design Star, but those rooms were hideously tacky, especially the princess room. I did catch The Shark Tank last night though and I did swoon over whatshisname with the pocket square.

  3. Right? RIGHT? It's not just me with the pocket square? I swear, it makes me all giggly. Jen, please do purchase that Anthro sweater and let me see it on you. And then if I like it I can stuff it in my suitcase. :)))

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